Mr. Cross is the Chairman, President, and co-founder of Megawave Corporation. He has been involved with the design and testing of radio antennas and systems since receiving his B.S.E.E. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1964. After working as a Microwave Transmission Engineer for the Western Union Telegraph Company he served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Signal Corps between 1965 and 1968 improving performance of communications systems in Germany. Mr. Cross joined Sylvania's Communication Systems Laboratory in 1968. As a Department Head at GTE Government Systems, he led numerous contracts dealing with the design and analysis of ELF through UHF radio systems, near earth, buried and electrically small antennas. Between 1981 and 1988 he was Vice President and Manager of SAIC's Division 046 where he led the company's research and development contracts dealing with advanced airborne HF/VHF systems, electrically small HF/VHF antennas and special meteor burst antennas for aircraft, trains, and automobiles. In 1988 he founded the Radio General Company where he designed, fabricated, and tested special antennas from ELF through UHF used for communications, electronic warfare and the heating of matter. Since co-founding MegaWave Corporation in 1994, he has led and contributed to many key contracts in the areas of antenna development, near-earth and through-the-earth propagation.

Mr. Cross is the inventor of An Omniazimuthal Antenna (USP 4,697,191), a Senior Member of the IEEE and its Antennas and Propagation, Communications, and Broadcast Technology Societies, a Member of the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society and a Member of The Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts (25390) and holds FCC First Class Commercial and Extra Class Amateur Radio (W1HK) licenses. He presented invited tutorials and papers to the IEEE 1987 and 1990 MILCOMs and an invited paper on Low Profile Anti Skywave MF Transmitting Antennas at the 1996 NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference. He has also presented Master Classes at the IDGA Military Antenna Conference on Low Profile/Conformal Antennas (2005) and Near-Earth Propagation and Surfacewave Antennas (2006), and a paper entitled "An Advanced VHF/UHF Short Range Ground Wave Propagation Model for Paths with Near-Earth Antennas" at the US Army's Science Conference in November 2006. He was also an invited speaker at CAPCON III, August 2008 on the subject of special antennas and near-earth propagation.